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The Sport Corner Siam Hockey League News Week 5 – December 10-16, 2017


We had some great games on December 14th.

In our first game we had Expedia facing off against Hertz. At the puck drop, Expedia only had 9 skaters and 1 goaltender, and as per the league rules, they were forced to forfeit the game, but the teams decided to play a friendly game, with not stats kept.

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Hooters Nana vs Aware November 27th Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game

Game 4 of the Siam Hockey League was highlighted by a dominating performance from Aware’s Captain Patrik Lundback. Known mostly for his saucer passes, he was a workhorse in his own end and also scored 2 goals; receiving The Rolling Stone Player of the game award for his efforts.

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