Game 8 – 12th Dec 2016

In the second game, just when it looked like Aware was going to run away with the league after consecutive wins of 7-2 and 7-0, Sport Corner-Titanium led by John Schachnovsky’s hat-trick and assist beat them for the second time this season by a score of 4-2. Captain Zak Garofolo displayed some nifty stick work for SC-Titanium on the night, adding a goal and assist in the win. Rob Taylor, playing in his second game as a substitute for Aware scored as did Brandon Vick (his third of the season) in a losing squad.

With the hat-trick Schachnovsky, the Rolling Stone Pizza player-of-game for the contest, became the SHL’s leading scorer heading into the holiday break with six goals and four assists.  

Lance Parker, substituted for Yves Gaboriault for the second straight game, and after recording a shut-out the previous week, Lance proved he was human after all, letting in 4 goals, while stopping 15 shots, yet still maintaining a very healthy 2.0 GAA.  Gabor Toth bounced back with 23 saves after last week’s loss to Hooters Nana; the outspoken and emotional netminder that often draws Ilya-Bryzgalof-resembling comparisons claims that a strategic coaching decision is the key to The Sport Corner Titanium’s recent success and it remains to be seen if the other teams can adjust accordingly, to stop the league leading white and black squad.