SHL Playoff MVP 2016-2017

The Siam Hockey League Playoff MVP trophy is awarded to the most valuable player for his team during the playoffs.

We had a really exciting 2016-2017 playoffs.  In our first round, we had the 4th place Hooters Nana going head to head with the 1st place Sukhumvit Spitfires, and we had the 2nd place Sport Corner-Titanium facing off against the 3rd place Aware. 

Hooters defeated the Spitfires in best of 3 series, winning their 1st game 2-1 and their 2nd game 5-3, giving themselves a break between the semi-final round and the final round.

SC-Titanium had their hands full with Aware, losing a rough one to Aware 6-3, but coming back in the second game to win a close 2-1 match up, forcing a 3rd game, in which they dominated Aware with a 4-1 victory to advance to the final round.

SC-Titanium annihilated Hooters in the first game 10-1!  In the second game, Hooters really fought hard to make up for their first game.  The were leading at the end of the first period by a score of 2-1, and also at the end of the second period by a score of 3-2.  SC-Titanium came back in the third period scoring 2 goals and preventing Hooters from scoring again to win the first SHL Championship by a final score of 4-3!

Our first nominee for the Playoff MVP Trophy was #71 Zak Garofolo.  Zak was only able to play in the playoff rounds, but he did put together 2 goals and 9 points in those 2 games.

Our second nominee was #67 from Hooters Nana, Michael (M. White) White.  M. White played in 3 of Hooters 4 games, amassing 4 goals with 6 points in the playoffs.

Our third nominee was Sport Corner-Titanium’s #92, Jouni Heinonen.  Jouni was the only player of the 3 nominees to play in all of his teams playoff games, putting together 7 goals and 9 points with 0 penalties.

The Siam Hockey League’s Playoff MVP Trophy was awarded to Jouni Heinonen for his superior play during the 2016-2017 playoffs!