2017-2018 Registration Open

Welcome back to the Siam Hockey League!  We are happy to announce that registration for the 2017-2018 season is now open!

No financial obligation at this point, just go to our Registration Page now!

We are thrilled to announce the second season of the Siam Hockey League. A competitive non-contact league with most of the best players in the country. The league consists of 20 regular season games; semi-finals and final series. The first game will be played in October 2017 and we wrap up by end of April 2018; not to interfere with other hockey community events in the city.

Games are played at The Rink, 7th Floor of the Central Grand Plaza Rama IX shopping centre. Primarily on Sunday nights, but also a few Mondays and Thursdays, to suit the rink schedule.

We will have minimum four (4) teams this season. Teams may be comprised of male and female players over the age of 16. Each team must dress a minimum of 10 skaters for each game. If a team fails to report 10 skaters a process will be initiated and subs will be assigned by the League committee. If a team does not have 10 skaters at the scheduled opening faceoff, the game will be forfeited and the opposing team wins 1-0. The game will still be played, but a 1-0 score is recorded.