2017-2018 Draft & Season Opening Meeting

On October 22, 2017, The Sport Corner’s Siam Hockey League had their annual draft party at The Sport Corner. First thing the president, John Schachnovsky talked about was how he felt with how things went last season and how the league exceeded expectations.

Next he talked about our new sponsors and new teams.

After that he talked about the SHL’s green initiative with getting each player their own water bottle from KCG Corporation and water filling stations to help keep the amount of plastic used down.

Fourth John talked about what the League Committee would like to see in the future.

After that, he talked about how the SHL aims to build a strong foundation with the Thai National team and the association to help grow hockey and develop players for the Thai National Team.

John also informed those present who the League Committee chose for the Johnny Oduya scholarship, which was Chayutapon “First” Kulrat.

Lastly, John talked about how the draft worked this year, which was that they kept a core group of players for each team, then there were some trades made between the teams, and then players were drafted to fill the remaining spots on the four (4) teams.