Opening Games Preview

Dom briefly goes over what was talked about during the 2017-2018 Draft Party before he gets into the games.

For the first game, Expedia @ Hertz, he talks about the moves Expedia, formerly Sport Corner-Titanium, to try to repeat last seasons success, then he talks about what Expedia needs to do to pull off a win in their game against Hertz.

Then he talks about the moves Hertz, formerly Hooters Nana, made and what they need to do in this game to put Expedia on thier heels.

After that, he talked about the Sukhumvit Spitfires going head to head with Aware. He talked about what the Spitfires need to do to pull this power team together to start off on the right foot.

Lastly, Dom talked about Aware and what they will need to do to put points on the board against the Spitfires.