The Sport Corner Siam Hockey League News – Week 3 – November 26-30, 2017

{VIDEO} We only had one game night this week, but we had some great games with Expedia going head to head with Aware and Hertz facing off against the Sukhumvit Spitfires.

The first game of the night at 8:30 was Expedia vs Aware. Expedia had another dominant game, beating Aware 5-1 with Yves Gaboriault turning in an amazing performance stopping 34 of 35 shots on the night.

In our second game, at 9:30, we had Hertz vs the Sukhumvit Spitfires. Hertz only had one player cancel at the last minute due to illness, which helped them break their 4 game losing streak. Their goaltender, Lance Parker, was sick prior to the game, but he held it together enough to play the game, and stopped 24 of 26 shots on net with some of the gymnastic style stops we saw from his last season, which got him the Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the game.

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