Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game Dream Ungkulpattanasuk of Spitfires – February 15, 2018


In our second game of the night, we had Hertz vs the Sukhumvit Spitfires. The Spitfires seemed to be fired up from their shootout loss to Aware the last time out and they scored 30 seconds after the opening puck drop. They scored 2 more goals in the first period with Hertz scoring 1. The second period had the Spitfires scoring 2 more goals with Hertz again scoring only one. The third period saw both teams scoring 2 goals apiece with the final score, for the Spitfires, 7-4 with the Spitfires’ netminder stopping 45 of 49 shots to earn himself his 3rd in a row Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game.