The Sport Corner Siam Hockey League News Week 12 – February 11 – February 17, 2018


Week 12 had 2 nights of games.

In our first night on February 11, 2018 at 8:30, we had the Sukhumvit Spitfires going head to head with Aware. This game saw lots of actions with the scoring going back and forth. The first goal, by the Spitfires was scored by Harrison “Ace” Oztemel. the second and third went to Aware, which were scored by Ollie “Ragnarok” Moyse and Corry Day. In the second period, we had 2 goals by the Spitfires, the first one from Scott Murray and the second from Oztemel, and one goal from Aware, which was by Yean Thanakroekkiat. The goalies sealed the nets down in the third period to finish regular time 3-3 to force the first 3-on-3 of this season. Neither team allowed to many scoring opportunities and and the overtime frame ended still tied at 3 to force a sudden death shootout. The first five shooters for both teams couldn’t get one past either goaltender. The Aware captain, Patrik Lundback scored in his try and the Spitfires captain, Brad “Big Daddy” Wilson was stopped by Patrick Leduc to give Aware another win. The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to the Spitfires netminder for stopping 41 of 44 shots.

In our second game at 9:30 we had a battle for the third place position between Hertz and Expedia. Both teams scored in the first period with Andy Brine scoring for Hertz and Stephen Sproule scoring for Expedia. The second period saw both teams scoring 2 goals apiece with Kim Lidberg and Brandon Vick scoring for Hertz and John Schachnovsky and Win Khuhakaew scoring for Expedia. The third period saw Hertz score 2 more goals, these by Kim Lidberg and Mike Triacca to finish it off 5-3 for Hertz. The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to Kim Lidberg for his 2 goals on the night.

In our second night of games on February 15, 2018.

In our first game of the night at 8:30 we had Expedia vs Aware. Expedia was ready for this one, scoring 2 goals in the first period, by First Kulrat and Andrew Shutsa to Aware’s one goal by Darius Konotopetz. The second period saw Expedia score one goal, this one by Ichiro Hara and shutting down Aware in the second period. The third period saw both teams scoring goals, for Expedia we had Patrick Forstner and for Aware it was Mongkorn Sukwiboon to end Expedia’s losing streak. The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to Andrew Shutsa for scoring his first SHL career goal.

In our second game of the night we had Hertz going against the Sukhumvit Spitfires. The Spitfires scored three goals in the first period, Oztemel had 2 and Patrick Forstner notching one to Hertz’s one by Mike Triacca. In the second period, the Spitfires added two more to their total, these by Forstner and Oztemel and Hertz adding one more, this one by Brandon Vick. The third period saw both teams netting 2 goals apiece for Hertz, they came from Justin St. Denis and Alasdair Fawcett and the two from the Spitfires were from Michael White and Ernesto “Buzzsaw” Bauer. The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the game, for the third time in a row went to Dream Ungkulpattanasuk for stopping 45 of 49.