Game 2 of the Semi-Finals, March 04, 2018


On March 04, 2018, we had our second round of the semi-finals. In the first game, we had Hertz going against the Sukhumvit Spitfires. Harrison Oztemel of the Sukhumvit Spitfires started this one off in the first period by scoring two goals. Hertz answered back in the second period by scoring three goals, the first two by Hertz captain, Justin St. Denis and the the third goal a fluky short handed goal by Andy Brine. Richie Jiaravana tied things up in the third period, but Bill Bredesen and Kim Lidberg scored empty netters at the end of the game to finish this one off 6-3 as well as send Hertz to the final game.

In our second game of the night at 8:30, we had Aware vs Expedia. Expedia started this one off 45 seconds into the first period with a short handed goal by Juhani Ijas. In the second period, Aware answered back with three goals, one by Ryan Yaden, Patrik Lundback and Corry Day. Less than a minute into the third period saw Expedia bring it within in one with a goal by Patrick Forstner. With less then ten minutes left in the game, Yean Thanakroekkiat scored one for Aware to increase their lead to two. With a minute ad a half left in the game, Expedia pull their goalie in the hopes of scoring two quick goals, but the bounces just didn’t go their way, and Aware’s Thanakrokkiat scored his second of the night with an empty netter to give Aware a win 5-2 and to send Aware into the finals with Hertz.