Awards Night May 12, 2018

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, we had our Awards Ceremony, which was held at The Sport Corner Bar.

The first awards were the 3rd Category Awards with each winner in this category getting a free pizza from Rolling Stone Pizza. The categories were as follows:
Air Miles Award
Best Non-Goalie Performance
Best Defensive Forward
Best Defensive Defenseman
Grinder of the Year
SHL Wife of the Year
Best Thai Referee
Best Non-Thai Referee
Best Thai Player
Best Canadian Player
Best American Player
Best Finish Player
Best Swedish Player
Best Other European Player
Most Reliable Sub
Biggest Impact Sub
Extraordinary Gentleman
Biggest SHL Fan
Off Ice Contribution
Playoff Scoring
Most Active Facebook User
Eager Beaver Award
Groundbreaker Award

Next, we had a raffle drawing for five (5) people who won pizzas from Rolling Stone Pizza.

After this we had the KoneCranes Team MVP Awards. Following is each team with their candidates:
Expedia – John Schachnovsky #18, Mike Wilson #20, Juhani Ijas #27
Hertz – Justin St. Denis #71, Carly Hill #16, Andy Brine #44
Sukhumvit Spitfires – Harrison Oztemel #12, Dream Ungkulpattanasuk #50, Brad Wilson #71
Aware – Corry Day #24, Devin Michael #39, Yean Thanakroekkiat #56

Third, we had the Individual Awards:
The RevRunnr Best Defenseman Trophy
The Pro Shop Best Goalie Trophy
The Alex Manton Dedication to Thai Hockey Trophy
The SHL Top Goal Scorer Trophy
The Peter Goverde Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy
The HAUS No 3 Rookie of the Year Trophy
The KCG Most Points Trophy
The Sport Corner Playoff MVP Trophy
The Johnny Oduya League MVP Trophy

Fourth, we had the presentation of the SHL Championship Cup to Team Hertz!

Lastly we talked about an up and coming charity game benefitting the Thai Red Cross with Team Johnny Oduya and Team Marcus Kruger.

That’s all for this season! We’ll see you next season!