Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game for Week 1, October 11, 2018 – Aaro Vuorma of Aware

In our first week of games, the first game saw a replay of season two’s championship game between Hertz and Aware.  Things were pretty even between both teams and was tied at zero at the end of the first period.  The second period saw Hertz score two goals to take the lead, and at with four minutes left in the period, Aware answered back to put the score 2-1 for Hertz.  In the third period, Aware found another gear and scored four unanswered goals to finish the game 5-2 for Aware.  Aware had a hot young player coming all the way from Pattaya, Aaro Vuorma, to substitute.  Once he found his legs on the bigger rink, he scored the final two goals of the game to earn himself the Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game.