Novotel Spitfires vs Awares Week 9 Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game Yves Gaboriault

In our first game of the night on December 15, 2019, we have the Novotel Spitfires going head to head with Aware. Bill Bredesen scored the first goal of the night, a power play goal for the Novotel Spitfires at the 9:25 mark with the assist coming from Nicky Sukpanichcharoen. The Spitfires scored 3 more unanswered goals, one form Ichiro Hara and a second from Bredesen. The second period had Novotel add 2 more goals to the total, a third from Bredesen and a second from Hara. With just over 6 minutes left in the second period, Aware finally snuck one past Yves Gaboriault, which was by David Boere.

The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to Yves Gaboriault for his outstanding net minding skills on the night, stopping 26 of 27 shots.