PEAK Biolabs vs Novotel Spitfires Week 13 Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game Eddie McConnell

On February 27, 2020 in our second game of the night, at 9:30 we had PEAK Biolabs going head to head with the Novotel Spitfires. PEAK took a 3-0 lead with goals by Punn Hasukkjwatana, Christian Olofsson and Eddie McConnell. Novotel did finally get on the board, early in the second period with a goal by Winnie Luckanatinakorn. PEAK added two more goals to their total with goals by Stephen Sproule and John Schachnovsky. McConnell added a second goal early in the third period, and the Spitfires did get a second goal when Marcel Bouwens found the back of the net. The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to Eddie McConnell for his two goals and assist on the night.