Aware vs Siam Mandalay November 01, 2020 – Rolling Stone Pizza PoG Dream Ungkulpattanasuk

In our second game of the night on November 01, 2020 at 10 pm we had Siam Mandalay vs Aware. The first period was solid for both teams with no clear advantage for either one. With twelve seconds left in the second period, Patrick Forstner of Siam Mandalay put the puck past Aware’s netminder, Gabor Toth. Just over a minute into the third period, Siam Mandalay scored their second of the night when Tan Limpinphet also found the back of the net. Aware’s captain, Justin St-Denis tried to put some life back into Aware and scored a goal a minute later, but it just wasn’t enough to stop Siam and with twelve minutes left in the game, Yean Thanakroekkiat of Siam Mandalay scored to finish the game 3-1.

The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went to Dream Ungkulpattanasuk, who returning from a injury stopped 19 of 20 shots.