Siam Mandalay vs Novotel Spitfires March 07, 2021 – Rolling Stone Pizza PoG Mike Freeson

On March 07, 2021, in our second game of the night, we had Siam Mandalay going head to head with Novotel Spitfires. Less than four minutes in, Siam Mandalay started things off with a goal by Tan Limpinphet. The end of the first period had Siam Mandalay ahead by one goal. The second period really showed off the talent of Novotel Spitfires with goals by Michael White and two by Novotel’s captain, Mike Freeson. The third period was more of the same with goals by Sen Verdy, Ken Kindborn and Major Ingkharratphithakon for the Spitfires to make the final Novotel Spitfires 6 and Siam Mandalay 1.

The Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game went the Novotel Spitfires captain Mike Freeson for his two goals and an assist.