Season 6 (2022-2023) Preseason Podcast

We are getting ready to start season 6 of the Siam Hockey League.

We have a new format this year with Zack Block and Jesse Starosta in the the studio this year. We have some new sponsors this year.

First, we have the Lexicon, which is a new team sponsor. Next, we have Get Fresh, our new Player of the Game sponsor and Easy Health which is our Offensive, Defensive and Goalie of the month sponsor.

Zack and Jesse start off by talking about the four teams, Aware, KCG, Lexicon Lumberjacks and SiamMandalay, and the players on those teams. Lots of new talent this year on the teams. They also talk about what the teams should expect for the first game.

We also have a new home at the Thailand International Ice Hockey Arena, which is an olympic size arena.