KCG vs Lexicon Lumberjacks – February 05, 2023 – Get Fresh Player of the Game Justin St-Denis

On February 05, 2023, in our first game of the night, we had the number 1 team, KCG, facing off against the number 2 team, Lexicon Lumberjacks. Lexicon Lumberjacks took a first period lead with a goal by Ken Kindborn,. KCG tied things up early in the third period with a gaol by Brandon Vick. A few minutes later, Lexicon Lumberjacks took the lead again with a goal by Kim Aarola, but KCG tied things up late in regulation time with a goal by Mangkorn Sukwiboon to force a sudden death overtime period. Lexicon Lumberjacks drew a penalty from KCG allowing Lexicon Lumberjack’s captain, Justin St-Denis to score the game winning goal, earning him the Get Fresh Player of the Game.