SiamMandalay vs Lexicon Lumberjacks – February 26, 2023 – Get Fresh Player of the Game Kim Aarola

On February 26, 2023, in our second game of the night, we had SiamMandalay facing off against Lexicon Lumberjacks. SiamMandalay started things off quickly with a goal by Tom Stastny. A few minutes later, Ken Kindborn tied things up for the Lexicon Lumberjacks. In the second period, Lexicon Lumberjacks took the lead with a goal by Kim Aarola and a second by Kindborn. Late in the second, Mike Freeson, SiamMandalay’s captain, scored to bring them within one goal. In the third period, Denis Omelka, from Lexicon Lumberjacks scored a goal and Aarola put two more away to give himself a hat trick earning the Get Fresh Player of the Game.