SiamMandalay vs Lexicon Lumberjacks – March 19, 2023 – Get Fresh Player of the Game Kim Aarola

On March 19, 2023, in our first game of the night, we had SiamMandalay vs Lexicon Lumberjacks. Ken Kindborn of Lexicon Lumberjacks got the first goal of the night at 10:37. At 1:28 of the first period, SiamMandalay’s Scott Murray tied things up. In the second period, Lexicon Lumberjacks opened things up with two goals from captain, Justin St-Denis, and a goal from Ken Kindborn. SiamMandalay kept fighting and with six minutes left in the game, Jeff Bonazzo scored. A minute later, Roger Phromthong of Lexicon Lumberjacks, scored a goal, followed by a goal from Pann Hongswadhi. Lexicon Lumberjacks’ Kim Aarola put up three assists, earning himself the Get Fresh Player of the Game.