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Week 12 News
On February 6, 2020 we had our 12th week of games. In our first game
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Hertz vs Novotel Spitfires Week 12 Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game Mike Wilson
In our second game of the night on February 6th, 2020 at 9:30 we had
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PEAK Biolabs vs Aware Week 12 Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game John Schachnovsky
In our first game of the night we had PEAK Biolabs vs Aware.  Things were
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Peak and Hertz win heading into mid-February break
Aware’s Andy Tse glides by Peak’s Michael White. The February 6 SHL schedule saw an
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Hertz & the Spitfires continue to fire on all cylinders
Hertz’s Roman Larin makes a beeline for Peak’s Gabriel Rosko, playing in his first SHL
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Underdogs reign in SHL play
Going into January’s 19th’s set of games, Buriram oddsmakers had Hertz and AWARE at a
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