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2019-2020 SHL Champions

We had a change up in captains this year. We lost Patrik Lundback as the captain of Aware. Aware’s front office requested a trade of Justin St-Denis in the hopes of finally bringing the SHL Cup home. We also had Mike Wilson step down from being a captain. Stepping up, we had Harrison Oztemel becoming captain for the new team PEAK Biolabs, and Jordan Ashton becoming the captain for Hertz with Brad Wilson staying with the Novotel Spitfires.

For the first half of the season, Aware was doing the complete opposite of what they did last season, losing 7 of their first 9 games, but they continued to fight and won 5 more games, but this left them in last place of the season. Could captain, Justin St-Denis, pull off another upset to give himself a threepeat?

Hertz did really well in the first half of the season under new captain, Jordan Ashton, only losing 5 of the first 9 games, and they really turned things around in the second half of the season, taking first place at the end of the regular season.

Second new captain, Harrison Oztemel lead new team, PEAK Biolabs to a 5-4 record for the first half of the season and they continued with their dominant streak and took second place at the end of the regular season.

The Novotel Spitfires, led by long time captain Brad Wilson, started off with a 5-4 record, and continued strong and finished off the regular season with 18 points, only two points behind Hertz and PEAK Biolabs.

This season, it was decided to do something different for the playoffs, and that was the first place team got to choose their opponents for the semifinals. Hertz decided to challenge the Novotel Spitfires, which left PEAK Biolabs to face off against Aware.

The Novotel Spitfires dominated Hertz in their series, winning the first game, 5-2 and the second game 5-0 to move on to the final game. Aware won their first game against PEAK Biolabs, but in the second game, PEAK Biolabs won 4-2 to push through to the third game, which PEAK won 5-2.

We were poised for a great game between PEAK Biolabs and the Novotel Spitfires. The Spitfires scored with two and a half minutes left in the first period. PEAK scored early in the second period to tie things up, but with less than two minutes left in the second period to put themselves up by two points. PEAK scored 2 quick goals in the third period to tie things up, but they just couldn’t hold off the Spitfires, and they scored 2 goals late in the third period to give the Novotel Spitfires their first SHL Cup.

2018-2019 SHL Champions

We had a whirl wind of a year this year. Captain, Patrik Lundback, led Team Aware to a 10 game win streak to start off the season, finally losing to TRUE on January 20, 2019.

At the end of the regular season, Aware topped the pack with 30 points. The closest team were the Novotel Spitfires with 20 points.

Captain, Brad Wilson, led the Novotel Spitfires had a 5-4 record going into the Christmas break, and finished off the regular season with 20 points.

Mike Wilson’s TRUE team started off rough, losing their first 10 games of the season, finally beating Hertz on the January 13 and they finished off the season with 15 points.

The defending champions, Hertz, led by Justin St-Denis, started off the season with a 4-6 record, and really struggled in the second half of the season, coming in last place with 12 points.

In the first game of the playoffs we had Aware(1) facing off against Hertz(4) and the Novotel Spitfires(2) against TRUE(3). Hertz took Aware to all three games, and in the final game, Hertz opened things up first and just kept fighting, beating Aware 5-3 to advance to the finals.

TRUE controlled the Novotel Spitfires, and swept Novotel to advance to the finals.

The final game, between Hertz and TRUE was hard fought. TRUE took the lead in the first period, but Hertz fought back in the second period but were still behind 2-1. Hertz tied things up in the third period, 3-3 to force overtime. Things were still tied at the end of the playoff period forcing a shootout. Yean Thanakroekkiat of Hertz found the back of the net to give Hertz a back to back championship.

2017-2018 SHL Championship

The 2017-2018 season was another great season.  The first night of games to start off the season had the Sukhumvit Spitfires beating Aware 5-2 and Expedia top Hertz 7-4.  

We also saw our first forfeited game, when the Spitfires had to forfeit to Expedia when their goaltender mixed up the game times.  We had Aware pretty much dominate the majority of the season and go on an 11 game winning streak.  Hertz really struggled at the beginning of the season, but as the season wore on, they really came together as team and beat Expedia for the third seed to play the Spitfires in the semifinals.

In our semi-finals games, both Aware and Hertz eliminated Expedia and the Spitfires in 2 games.

For the finals this year, we had a one game, winner take all.  Hertz came out strong and was leading 4-0 at the end of the first period with two goals from Mike Triacca as well as goals by Bill Bredesen and Andy Brine.  In the second period, Hertz captain, Justin St. Denis scores one to make it 5-0.  Aware tried to mount a comeback with two goals from Mangkorn Sukweboon and a goal by Corry Day.  Hertz’s net minder, Lance Parker closed the net down after that to give Hertz a 5-3 win and the SHL Championship Cup!


2016-2017 SHL Championship

We had a great first season topped off with a whirlwind of a post season.  The first round of the playoffs started off with a the Sukhumvit Spitfires (1) facing off against Hooters Nana (2) and Sport Corner-Titanium (2) going head to head with the Aware (3).


Hooters Nana swept their best of three series against Sukhumvit Spitfires by squeaking out a win in the first game by 2-1 and in the second game, they came back in the third period to win it 5-3.


Aware got the first game of their series by trouncing Sport Corner-Titanium 6-3.  Sport Corner-Titanium were able to hold of Aware’s third period comeback to win the second game 2-1.  In the third game, Sport Corner-Titanium soundly beat the Aware 4-1 to move on to the finals.


You would think Hooters Nana would be ready for this game with having a break that Sport Corner-Titanium didn’t have, but they looked a bit flat in this one as Sport Corner-Titanium destroyed them 10-1.  In the second game, Hooters Nana came out like they were on fire, and took an early lead.  Things would looking good for Hooters Nana at the end of the second period as they were leading Sport Corner-Titanium 3-2, but Sport Corner-Titanium scored 2 unanswered goals in the third to steal the victory from Hooters Nana and win the inaugural Siam Hockey Leagues Championship with a final score of 4-2!