1. The League expects that everyone involved adapts a professional and constructive approach and respect the work of those trying to manage it.
  2. All players must register and sign the waiver prior to their first game.
  3. Players must be 16+ years, the league reserves the right to ID players.
  4. This is a draft league, all players accept to be placed on assigned teams.
  5. The IIHF Rulebook will be consulted for all or any rules not stipulated.
  6. Our ambition is to have a competitive league and showcase a respectable on-ice product; matching socks and jerseys are mandatory, or the player will not play.
  7. Safety equipment is mandatory for all players, must be worn at all times.
  8. There is a zero tolerance policy towards fighting and abuse of officials.
  9. The league reserves the right to discipline players for inappropriate or disrespectful comments, interviews or behaviour which is seen a damaging to the league, league operations, league rules, specific teams, players or the game of hockey in general. Disciplinary action can include suspension or removal from the league.
  10. Any team, or player, who does not use their best efforts to win a game will be suspended indefinitely and further investigated. Suspensions might include forfeit all or any remaining games including playoffs.
  11. Referee complaints are filtered from the Team Manager to the League Committee only.
  12. The league committee will handle all suspensions and suspended players may not be replaced.
  13. No refund will be given to suspended players and suspensions may carry over to the next season (deduction of league fee will not apply for suspensions carrying over).
  14. The game officials have the right to eject anyone (including players, coaches, spectators) out of the arena.
  15. Any player that causes bodily harm to another player, officials or staff in any manner will be reported to the Authorities.
  16. Players are responsible for their own actions; if a player damages any property at the rink or anywhere in the shopping mall, he/she will be responsible for damage costs.

Other Disclaimers:

  1. No insurance provided; players are encouraged to purchase proper coverage and fully understand that games are played at own risk.
  2. The League accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal property.
  3. Should there be any discretion on misinterpretation of the rules; the League shall always have the final decision.
  4. The league reserves the right to update and change the Constitution, league rules and the content of this flyer from time to time; team managers and players will be informed of any changes.

See the League Rules & League Constitution document for more information.