League Constitution



Revision Log

Purpose & Introduction


To offer adult players in Thailand a competitive and well organized non-contact ice hockey league.


To organize a recreational ice hockey league in Bangkok, for amateur players aged 16 and above, while fostering and encouraging good sportsmanship and promoting Fair Play.


  • To provide players with the opportunity to play safe, organized hockey according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the SHL.
  • To manage the league in such way that it promotes good sportsmanship and fair play.
  • To work with players to foster the ideals of winning modestly and accept defeat gracefully; live by giving credit to the team that wins and not to question or dispute referees decisions.
  • To co-operate and work with players, sponsors, The Rink, media and other stakeholders to maximize mutual benefits and develop professional, long-term sustainable relations.

Not For Profit

As a not-for-profit league, we use any surplus revenues to further achieve our purpose and mission, rather than distributing to Management and other stakeholders as profit or dividends.

Code Of Conduct

During the course of all SHL activities, athletes, coaches, parents, directors, volunteers, staff and others within the league:

  1. Shall conduct themselves, at all times, in a fair and responsible manner and refrain from comments or behaviours that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, SHL will not tolerate behaviour that constitutes harassment or abuse or bullying, and;
  2. Shall avoid behaviour which brings the SHL and/or the sport of ice hockey into disrepute, including but not limited to the abusive use of alcohol and/or non-medical use of drugs, and;
  3. Shall not engage in any activity or behaviour that endangers the safety of others; drinking alcohol pre-game is not allowed, and;
  4. Shall at all times adhere to the rules and regulations at The Rink, Central Grand Plaza Rama IX shopping centre and nearby buildings.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action.


League Committee

  1. The League Committee shall consist of seven members who shall in turn appoint team managers to fill the positions required to best represent each team within the league.
  2. See the Roles and Responsibilities chapter for more information on each member.
  3. The League Committee shall meet at regular intervals that are demanded by the pressure of business to conduct the SHL, see chapter Meetings for more information.
  4. Meetings shall be called by the President or upon request by the Secretary.

Duties & Powers

The Duties and Powers of the League Committee shall be:

  1. Plan for and arrange the competition in the best possible way.
  2. Develop, amend and/or alter rules and regulations to improve the league.
  3. Do its utmost to establish and maintain a constructive dialogue with Team managers, players, officials, The Rink owner, sponsors and other stakeholders.
  4. Enter into sponsor agreements that will help subsidize league fees and expenses.
  5. Conduct the business of the league, authorizing all expenditures in connection therewith.
  6. Fine, suspend or expel players or team failing to comply with the laws of the game, rules and regulations of the league or refusing to accept any ruling by the committee.
  7. Hear appeals and determine all protest, requests & inquiries.
  8. Solve all emergencies, not provided for in the league rules or in the constitution.

All disputes and discipline matters will be voted on by the League Committee members. In the case of conflict of interest, votes will be cast by impartial members with final decision to be made by the President.

Team Managers

  1. Report team status to the Vice President and communicate the need of subs to the Committee for each game.
  2. Communication with players and ensure registration forms and waiver are signed by all players, including substitutions.
  3. Submit and sign game sheets, enforce uniform regulations and provide spare socks & jerseys for any substitution player(s).
  4. Ensure that each member of their team plays within the league rules and the boundaries as set down by the league in the League Rules and League Constitution document.
  5. Responsible to report all team matters, suspensions etc., to the League Committee and to inform their players of any pending suspension


A League Committee member or Team Manager may resign by notification in writing, and the resignation shall become effective upon acceptance thereof by the President. The member remains liable for payment of any assessment or other sum levied or which became payable by him/her to the league before acceptance of the resignation.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Shall preside at all meetings of the SHL, provide leadership and direction.
  • Shall perform all duties as naturally fall within the boundaries of his/her office.
  • Shall be the deciding vote and ultimately cast final say on proposals and matters.
  • Shall create any committees as deemed necessary for the functioning of the League.

Vice President

  • Shall assist the President in managing the league and its processes.
  • Shall lead the task of finding league sponsors to subsidize cost and fees.
  • Shall manage the process of assigning team substitutions.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.


  • Shall carry the role as the president’s principal advisor.
  • Shall ensure continuity of documents, policies and practices of the league.
  • Shall call to meetings and maintain accurate recollection of decisions.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.


  • Shall receive all monies owing to the league and pay all approved accounts.
  • Shall perform all duties related to keeping of accounts, receive and deposit funds.
  • Shall deliver monthly financial overviews and provide advice to the League committee.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.


  • Shall build the SHL brand and lead the leagues marketing and advertisement efforts.
  • Shall lead the process of creating a high quality product that attracts league sponsors.
  • Shall deliver a monthly summary of marketing efforts and events to the League committee.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.


  • Shall keep an accurate record of all game sheets, statistics and penalty infractions.
  • Shall administrate communication channels, webpage and social media.
  • Shall be the custodian of the equipment, score clock, first aid kit, game sheets, documents and other instruments belonging to the SHL.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.

Referee In Chief

  • Shall perform all duties with respect to interpretation of the playing rules, contracting, assigning and paying on ice hockey officials to ref league games.
  • Shall recruit and actively work with referees to develop their skills and knowledge.
  • Shall lead the process of handling referee complaints and propose suspensions of players.
  • Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and/or League committee.


The President may call meetings as needed throughout the year to conduct the business of SHL, however the following 3 meetings are the standard forums.

Season Inauguration Meeting

  1. Shall be called by the president before each new season.
  2. Official appointment of Team Managers takes place at this meeting.
  3. Any updates to League rules, constitution and/or procedures are communicated.
  4. The team draft is facilitated by the League committee and the Team Managers.

Mid Season Meeting

  1. Takes place in January-February, around the mid-point of the season.
  2. All members of the league shall have the right to forward any complaint and or recommendation to their Team Manager and have them present this on their behalf.
  3. This meeting is considered special closed and only one representative from each team shall be permitted to attend. Representative shall have one voting right at the meeting.
  4. The President shall see to it that discussions during the meetings are kept orderly and that no members shall speak until granted permission.
  5. Motions shall be addressed to the President and no motion shall be discussed or put to a vote without a second being present to this motion.
  6. There shall be no further debate or discussion of a motion after the motion has been put to a membership vote.
  7. When a vote is called, it may be taken by: (1) a show of hands by the voting members only. (2) a secret ballot by voting members only. (3) a poll vote by voting members only.
  8. A person other than the Team Manager can attend the meeting on their behalf if they have been appointed to do so by their Team Manager in writing, when that manager is unable to attend. Only one member per team shall be permitted at any meeting.

Special Closed Meeting

  1. May be called by the President or shall be called upon the written request of not less than 3 out of 4 Team Managers of the SHL.
  2. Rules of Order at Special Closed Meetings:
    • President’s welcome address.
    • Discussion of Agenda.
    • Old Business.
    • Report of the League committee members.
    • Reports of Standing Special Committees.
    • New Business.
    • Consideration of Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and/or amendments thereof.
    • Good and Welfare of the SHL.
    • Meeting adjourned.



  1. The League expects that everyone involved adapts a professional and constructive approach and respect the work of those trying to manage it.
  2. All players must register and sign the waiver prior to their first game.
  3. Players must be 16+ years, the league reserves the right to ID players.
  4. This is a draft league, all players accept to be placed on assigned teams.
  5. The IIHF Rulebook will be consulted for all or any rules not stipulated.
  6. Our ambition is to have a competitive league and showcase a respectable on-ice product; matching socks and jerseys are mandatory, or the player will not play.
  7. Safety equipment is mandatory for all players, must be worn at all times.
  8. There is a zero tolerance policy towards fighting and abuse of officials.
  9. The league reserves the right to discipline players for inappropriate or disrespectful comments, interviews or behaviour which is seen a damaging to the league, league operations, league rules, specific teams, players or the game of hockey in general. Disciplinary action can include suspension or removal from the league.
  10. Any team, or player, who does not use their best efforts to win a game will be suspended indefinitely and further investigated. Suspensions might include forfeit all or any remaining games including playoffs.
  11. Referee complaints are filtered from the Team Manager to the League Committee only.
  12. The league committee will handle all suspensions and suspended players may not be replaced.
  13. No refund will be given to suspended players and suspensions may carry over to the next season (deduction of league fee will not apply for suspensions carrying over).
  14. The game officials have the right to eject anyone (including players, coaches, spectators) out of the arena.
  15. Any player that causes bodily harm to another player, officials or staff in any manner will be reported to the Authorities.
  16. Players are responsible for their own actions; if a player damages any property at the rink or anywhere in the shopping mall, he/she will be responsible for damage costs.

Other Disclaimers

  1. No insurance provided; players are encouraged to purchase proper coverage and fully understand that games are played at own risk.
  2. The League accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal property.
  3. Should there be any discretion on misinterpretation of the rules; the League shall always have the final decision.
  4. The league reserves the right to update and change the Constitution, league rules and the content of this flyer from time to time; team managers and players will be informed of any changes.