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SHL News Week 12

In our first game of the night, we had Novotel Spitfires going head to head with Siam Mandalay. This was a game of catchup all night for Siam Mandalay. In the first period, the Novotel Spitfires took an early lead with goals by Major Ingkharratphithakon and Ken Kindborn. Siam Mandalay tied things up with goals by Turner Johnson and Darius Konotopetz. In the second period, Novotel Spitfires again took the lead with goals by Christoph Anliker and Sen Verdy. Siam Mandalay tied things up again with goals by Konotopetz and Win Khuakeaw. In the third period, the Spitfires took the lead for the third time with two goals by Tomas Stastny and a goal by Mangkorn Sukwiboon. Siam Mandalay tried to do it for a third time with a second goal by Johnson, but there just wasn’t enough gas in the tank for them. The final score was Novotel Spitfires 7 Siam Mandalay 5.

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