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2019-2020 SHL Champions

We had a change up in captains this year. We lost Patrik Lundback as the captain of Aware. Aware’s front office requested a trade of Justin St-Denis in the hopes of finally bringing the SHL Cup home. We also had Mike Wilson step down from being a captain. Stepping up, we had Harrison Oztemel becoming captain for the new team PEAK Biolabs, and Jordan Ashton becoming the captain for Hertz with Brad Wilson staying with the Novotel Spitfires.

For the first half of the season, Aware was doing the complete opposite of what they did last season, losing 7 of their first 9 games, but they continued to fight and won 5 more games, but this left them in last place of the season. Could captain, Justin St-Denis, pull off another upset to give himself a threepeat?

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Dom and Zack talk about the SHL Final

Dom and Zack talk about the SHL final game.

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Pregame with Novotel Spitfires captain Brad Wilson

Dom interviews Novotel Spitfires captain, Brad Wilson before the finals matchup against PEAK Biolabs.

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Hertz vs Novotel Spitfires Semifinal Game 1 Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game Brad Wilson

In the first game of this semifinal matchup, the Novotel Spitfires came out ready to play. They played a physical game and really took it to Hertz. Hertz just couldn’t compete in game one. The rolling Stone pIzza Player of the Game went to Novotel Spitfires captain, Brad Wilson for his three points and great defensive play.

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Week 1 SHL News

On October 10th, 2019, the Sport Corner Siam Hockey League kicked off their 4th season.  

To start things off, we had the opening ceremony, where the president of the league said a few words, introduced out sponsors and had a skills test for our sponsors.

In our first game of the night at 8:30 we had Novotel Spitfires going head to head with Hertz.  These teams were pretty evenly matched through out the game, and by the end of the second period, the Spitfires were ahead 2-1.  At the start of the second period, the Spitfires scored two quick goals to open things up, but Hertz fought back and brought it within one again.  With just over two minutes left in the game, Hertz pulled their netminder, Lance Parker, and tried desperately to tie things up, but with just seconds left in the game, Spitfires captain, Brad Wilson send the puck down the ice and to have it curve into the net to seal the win for the Novotel Spitfires.  Hertz did dominate the Spitfires in shots 42 to 25, but SHL rookie goalie, Yu Cheng Liao (Leo) stopped 39 of those 42 to shots which earned him the Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game.

In our second game of the night we had PEAK facing off against Aware.  At the end of the second period, the score was tied at two, but in the second period, PEAK really opened things up, scoring four unanswered goals.  The third period saw Aware trying to make a comeback, but with just ten minutes left in the game, PEAK captain, Harrison Oztemel scored his third goal of the night and the final score of the game was 6-4 for PEAK.  Oztemel’s hat-trick and assist earned him the Rolling Stone Pizza Player of the Game.

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Preseason Interviews – October 10th, 2019

Our opening night of the 4th season of the Sport Corner Siam Hockey League was on October 10th, 2019.  Before the opening ceremony, Dom interviewed the captains for this years teams.  

The first interview was of the captain for PEAK, Harrison Oztemel.

The second interview was with Novotel Spitfires captain, Brad Wilson.

The third interview was with the captain of Hertz, Jordan Ashton.

The last interview was with Aware captain, Justin St-Denis.


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2018-2019 SHL Champions

We had a whirl wind of a year this year. Captain, Patrik Lundback, led Team Aware to a 10 game win streak to start off the season, finally losing to TRUE on January 20, 2019.

At the end of the regular season, Aware topped the pack with 30 points. The closest team were the Novotel Spitfires with 20 points.

Captain, Brad Wilson, led the Novotel Spitfires had a 5-4 record going into the Christmas break, and finished off the regular season with 20 points.

Mike Wilson’s TRUE team started off rough, losing their first 10 games of the season, finally beating Hertz on the January 13 and they finished off the season with 15 points.

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Best Defenseman 2017-2018

This year’s best defense was a tough decision.  Our first candidate this year were Patrik Lundback of Aware, who had an incredible season this year with leading his team to a new SHL record of an eleven game win streak.  Our second candidate was new comer, Juhani Ijas of Expedia.  Ijas had a great season this year, and he was a force to be reckoned with when he was on the point.  Our third candidate was the captain of the Sukhumvit Spitfires, Brad Wilson, who not only had a great year, but in one game, he played goaltender when his netminder was late coming to the game.

The winner this year went to Patrick Lundback for his strength on defense all season, accruing 18 points (6 goals and 12 assists) in 16 games with five minutes in penalties.

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