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Week 1 Games – 16 October 2022

In our first week of games at 8:30 we had KCG vs Aware. The first period was pretty quiet with neither team scoring any goals, but KCG started things off early in the second period when Brandon Vick scored with the assist coming from Jesse Starosta. Aware did answer back when Oleg Kabakov scored an unassisted goal. With under eleven minutes left in the second period, KCG took the lead again when Jan Isaksson scored with the assists coming from Nick Lampson and Roman Larin. Three minutes later, Aware tied things up again when Kabakov scored his second unassisted goal of the night. In the third period, KCG scored three unanswered goals, on each from David Boere, Roman Larin and Thor Chartsuwan to give KCG a 5-2 win.

The Get Fresh Player of the Game went to new goalie Dom Vollenweider for stopping 19 of 21 shots.

In our second game of the night we had SiamMandalay going head to head with the Lexicon Lumberjacks. The Lexicon Lumberjacks scored two unanswered goals in the first period. A power play goal by Mark Vatsis, and another by Kim Aarola. In the second period, Dan Sinaguglia brought the game within one for SiamMandalay with the assist going to Jeff Bonazzo. Jari Eerikainen increased Lexicon Lumberjacks to two again with Justin St-Denis getting his second assist of the night. Sinaguglia again brought the score within one for SiamMandalay when he scored an unassisted goal late in the second period. Early in the third period, SiamMandalay tied the game up when Tom Stastny scored off an assist from Saku Rantanen. Aarola scored two unanswered goals for the Lexicon Lumberjacks to give them a 5-3 win over SiamMandalay.

The Get Fresh Player of the Game Kim Aarola for getting a hat trick in the first game of the season.

Week 2 will be on October 23rd. In our first game of the night at 8:30 we have Aware vs SiamMandalay. Will Harrison Oztemel break away from last year’s Aware curse and be able to beat Mike Freeson’s SiamMandalay or will Freeson use Stastny to tump Aware?

In our second game of the night we have Lexicon Lumberjacks facing off against KCG. Will Lexicon Lumberjack’s captain, Justin St-Denis, be able to win their second game in a row or will first time captain, Jesse Starosta be able to lead KCG to their second victory.