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2017-2018 Draft & Season Opening Meeting

On October 22, 2017, The Sport Corner’s Siam Hockey League had their annual draft party at The Sport Corner. First thing the president, John Schachnovsky talked about was how he felt with how things went last season and how the league exceeded expectations.

Next he talked about our new sponsors and new teams.

After that he talked about the SHL’s green initiative with getting each player their own water bottle from KCG Corporation and water filling stations to help keep the amount of plastic used down.

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We are proud to present the teams of the 2017-2018 season!

Draft and Inauguration meeting 22 Oct 2017

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Quote Of The Day

The deadline for registration, to participate in the draft, is today 10PM. Scott Murray summarized our feelings and emotions like this:

“We are of course overwhelmed with the positive interest in the league; but the reality is that only 4 goalies, 20 D, and 32 forwards will be drafted and play full-time.

The toughest part will be to to notify players that have signed up but don’t get picked in the draft.”

-Scott Murray

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