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SHL News Week 13

This week, Dom and Zack are joined in the studio by the first 100 point winner in the SHL, Harrison Oztemel.

Dom and Zack have a conversation with KCG captain, Harrison Oztemel about Oztemel’s opinion about Week 13’s games.

In the first game of the night at 9:00 pm we had Aware facing off against Oztemel’s KCG. At the end of the first period, Aware were leading 2-1. The second period was a completely different story as KCG scored three unanswered goals to make it 4-1 for KCG. The third period was a more even game with both teams scoring two goals, but it just wasn’t enough for Aware. The final score of the game was Aware 4 KCG 6.

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Aware vs KCG March 07, 2021 – Rolling Stone Pizza PoG Pann Hongswadhi

On March 07, 2021, in our first game of the night at 21.00 we had the rematch of Aware vs KCG. Aware came out ready to play in this one and took an early lead less than six minutes in with a goal by Roger Promthong. With just over six minutes left in the first period, KCG tied things up when Pann Hongswadhi scored. less than two minutes later, Aware took the lead again when Promthong scored his second of the night. In the second period, it appeared as though Aware had run out of gas and KCG scored three unanswered goals, one by Punn Phasukkjwatana, one by Jan Isaksson and one by Jesse Starosta. The third period saw much of the same by KCG and they got two more goals, one by Peam Jaratwuttipreeda and one by Patrick Forstner. Aware did try to rally with two goals by their captain, Justin St-Denis, but there just wasn’t any more time. The final score of the game was Aware 4 KCG 6.

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