Testimonial Category: League


Really enjoyed the year, can’t wait for next season already!

-Corry Day

Captain Oh Captain

Congratulations to the SHL League Committee for an extremely well organized league.

Looking forward to the next season.

-Patrik Lundback

See You Next Season

I will for sure sign up for the next season!

Cheers and congratulations on the first, very well organized and professional season.

-Ralf Dittmer

Great Job

My experience (playing) in the league was very good.  I met nice people, it was well organized.  Good level of play.

Very good communication.  We were always well informed of everything, any changes and all.

So in my opinion, you guys did a great job and I have no doubts the league will stay alive a long time!

-Seb Verdy

I Feel Very Fortunate

I feel very fortunate to have participated in the inaugural SHL season.  

Thanks for your hard work in putting this league together for us.  We are very lucky to have it.

-Lance Parker

I Had A Blast

Thank you for helping a very solid league.  I had a blast playing in it and being involved in the first season.

I’ll defenetly be back next year and willing to maintain captain duties if the League Committee agrees.

-Brad Wilson

A Great Season

Thank you for all your hard work – a great season, lots of fun, and I’ll certainly be back next season!

-Alasdair Fawcett

I Loved Playing In The SHL

I loved playing in the SHL and this league is one of the most well organized recreational hockey leagues I have ever played in.  Especially with your efforts to create parity in the league so that games remain competitive.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the well oiled machine that is the SHL.

-Donny Kerfoot